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What is “WEEX”
Who is “STILL4”
weex.it is born. What’s weex.it? weex.it is online store that offers a place of purchase for everyone who wants to buy designer products, fashion apparel, accessories for men and women, and everything is very nice and trendy. The main feature of weex.it is to reduce the distance between Europe and eastern designer products overseas or whose purchase is always problematic because of transportation costs and delivery times. The mission of weex.it is the uniqueness, the exclusivity, the originality and the coolest design brought in Europe and in Italy for more demanding customers. It is always the rule, seeing is believing!
Still4 is a company that designs online stores and which has to its credit some ecommerce platforms for important brands such as Replay (Fashion Box), Franklin&Marshall, 55DSL (Diesel), Fred Mello, Bosa. Try to make a purchase and see for yourself how simple and easy is to buy online with weex.